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Keysight Technologies N7786B-400

Benchtop Polarization Synthesizer

Key Features & Specifications
Key Benefits
* Comprehensive Polarization Stabilization/Control/Switching Capabilities
* Reset-Free/Endless Operation
* Covers Entire Range from 1.3microm Window up to the L-Band
* Compact Size

* Transmission System Test: Polarization Sensitivity Analysis on Link / Transmission Quality
* Recirculating Loop Experiments: Loop-Synchronous Polarization Scrambling
* Interferometry: Polarization Stabilization to Maximize Contrast Ratio

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--, 400, 81000FI
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  • 81000FI

    Connector Interface FC/PC/SPC

  • 400

    Polarization Synthesizer, 1270nm To 1375nm And 1460nm To 1620nm

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