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Keysight Technologies N9917A

FieldFox Microwave Analyzer, 18 GHz Type N(f)

The Keysight (formerly Agilent) N9917A FieldFox Microwave Analyzer is a handheld, highly portable device. The N9917A may be compact but isn't short on capabilities - it comes equipped with a max frequency of 18 GHz. The FieldFox N9917A has been developed with on-site use and portability in mind, and has quite a few technological features. Primarily a cable and antenna analyzer, the N9917A can also be configured to work as a spectrum analyzer, power meter, and a vector network analyzer.

Key Features & Specifications of Keysight N9917A

Cable and antenna analyzer (CAT), vector network analyzer (VNA)

  • Frequency Range: 30 kHz to 18 GHz
  • Dynamic range: 91 dB
  • CAT: Distance-to-fault, return loss, cable loss
  • VNA: S11, S21, S22, S12, magnitude and phase
  • Output Power: -4 dBm
  • Trace Noise: 0.004 dBrms
  • No. of ports: 2
  • DANL @ 1 GHz: -155 dBm
  • Overall amplitude accuracy: /- 0.5 dB

Spectrum analyzer

  • Frequency Range: 5 kHz to 18 GHz
  • <> 0.5 dB amplitude accuracy, full band, over full temperature range of -10 to 55 C (14 to 131 F)
  • Spur-free dynamic range at 2.4 GHz 2/3 (TOI-DANL) in 1 Hz RBW; Nominal >105dB

Get the Keysight (formerly Agilent) N9917A FieldFox microwave analyzer for rent or for lease with year-long, 24/7 customer support. Our team of technicians and metrologists calibrate all equipment to stringent standards in our 50 GHz ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant laboratory. We ship the N9917A analyzer with minimal lead time. Request a quote today.

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  • N9910X-803

    T-Calibration Kit, 3-In-1, Open, Short, Load, DC to 6 GHz, 7/16 DIN(f)

  • N9910X-814

    Rugged Phase-Stable Cable, Type N(m) to 7/16(m), 60 Inch or 1.5 Meter

  • 112


  • 210

    Vector Network Analyzer Transmission/Reflection

  • 233

    Spectrum Analyzer

  • 235


  • 236

    Interference Analyzer and Spectrogram

Standard Rental Accessories*
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  • Power cord Right Angle

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  • Softcase with Backpack Strap

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  • Power Supply Switching

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  • Cable Patch Cat5e RJ45(m) - RJ45(m) Straight

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  • Battery 10.8V 6.4A-HR 51Wh 70W pn- 1420-0937 please do not change the description this is two different batteries they look the same one is 70W 1420-0937 & 51W 1420-0908

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  • Calibration Kit Open Short Load 7/16 DIN(f) DC - 6 GHz

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  • Cable Rugged Phase-Stable N(m) - 7/16(m) 60 in Or 1.5 m

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  • Void- USB Drive with Software and Manuals

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