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Keysight Technologies S9100A

5G Multi-Band Vector Transceiver, Reference Solution

The Keysight S9100A 5G Multi-Band Vector Transceiver is a streamlined, non-signaling measurement system for automated testing of 5G NR infrastructure equipment in both the FR1 (sub-6 GHz) and FR2 (24-44 GHz) spectrum bands.

The S9100A's compact system enables users to validate 5G RF radio performance in high-volume test in 4G as well as millimeter wave. The Keysight S9100A finds its applications in 5G NR base station transceiver systems and 5G NR components, including remote radio heads (RRH), distributed units (DU), active antenna arrays, amplifiers, and chipsets.

One of the distinctive features of the S9100A is that it offers the precision required for in-band design validation in all the new 5G NR bands.

The modular architecture, easy-to-use API, and Keysight PathWave automation software, makes the Keysight S9100A the best of its kind, as it reduces your test cost, and accelerates your time to volume, especially in millimeter wave.

Keysight S9100A - Features and Specifications:

  • Calibrated system accuracy - decreases rework and false verdicts
  • Single configuration - scales easily from < 6 GHz to millimeter wave, with a minimum of single-purpose components
  • High performance and low cost with in-head switching for 2 polarizations
  • Single bi-directional head across all 24-44 GHz bands saves space
  • High test-throughput
  • The OTA-friendly expandable architecture avoids high losses from switching and long cable runs, and supports multiple TX/RX channels
  • Easy automation- operates as a single instrument (including switching, heads, API, measurements)

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