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Keysight Technologies UXR1104A

4Ch 110 GHz, 1mm, 256 GSa/s, 4ChUXR 200 VAC min power input

Infiniium UXR, 110 GHz, 256 GSa/s, 4-Ch, 1mm input, 200 VAC min power input.The Infiniium UXR is the first series of real-time oscilloscopes to offer ultra-high-performance acquisition with 10 bits of high-definition resolution. With four channels of simultaneous 110 GHz of bandwidth, each concurrently sampling at a staggering 256 GSa/s.

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--, D91UXR02A, D91UXR02A-R-B5X-001-A, D91UXR02A-R-B6X-001-L
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  • D91UXR02A

    UXR Core Software for 256 GSa/s

  • D91UXR02A-R-B5X-001-A

    Core software node-locked perpetual license

  • D91UXR02A-R-B6X-001-L

    Core software updates and enhancements, node-locked - 1 year

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