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Megger CB845

Circuit Breaker Test Set
This two-piece high-current test set is for testing the time delay characteristics of overload relays and molded-case circuit breakers rated up to 500 A. Additional applications include verifying the ratio of current transformers and testing ground-fault trip devices. The CB-845 features a digital memory ammeter and a digital multirange timer. Output range: 0 to 1200 A at 6 V. Instantaneous output current to 5000 A. Input voltage: 208 or 240 V, single-phase. Overload and short-circuit protection is incorporated. The test set is housed in two stackable, interlocking metal enclosures with carrying handles.
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  • Lead Set Timer

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  • Lead Set Kit 1-Black 1-Red High Current 120A

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  • Amp Fuse 0.125 250 V

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  • Lead Set Current 4 ft

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  • Connector Input

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  • Fuse 30 A

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  • Cable Interconnect

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  • Dust Cap

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  • Manual Instruction

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  • Case Assembly with Front Cover

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