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Megger DDA-1600

Circuit Breaker Test Set

The Megger DDA-1600 is a primary-injection test set for low-voltage breakers rated to the 1600-ampere frame size. It is designed to test a wide range of air frame and molded-case circuit breakers and is suited for industrial, utility and testing service company use. The DDA-1600 features digital signal processing technology, variable firing angle and pulse duration, and a modular, three-piece design. Input Voltage: 460 V, single-phase. Maximum Instantaneous Output Current: 19,200 A. Requires stab adapter and stab sets.

Key features of the Megger DDA-1600 Circuit Breaker Tester:

  • Model DDA-1 Digital Data Acquisition Instrumentation and Control System
  • Variable pulse time and firing-angle output current control
  • Tests wide range of breakers
  • Modular, portable design
  • Compliant with NEMA AB-4 test guidelines

If you are looking for the Megger DDA-1600 low voltage circuit breaker test set for rent or purchase, request a quote at TRS-RenTelco today. We offer calibrated test equipment with 24/7 customer support.


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  • Leads Test

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  • Lead Assembly with Connectors

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  • Ground Lead 8 awg 12 in

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  • Bolt 1/2 in

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  • Washer 1/2 in

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  • Washer Lock 1/2 in

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  • Nut 1/2 in

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  • Leads Quadruple Output

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  • Cable Power Interconnect 8-Lead

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  • Display Unit

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  • Output Amplifier

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  • Manual Instruction

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  • Ground Cable

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  • Cable Signal Interconnect

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  • Cable Control

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