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Megger PMM-1

Power Multimeter Multi-Function Measuring Instrument
The PMM-1 is a portable, battery or line operated, multi-function measuring instrument designed to measure AC primary and secondary currents, voltage power, reactive power, phase angle and frequency of single and three-phase systems. It is specifically designed to ease the testing and commissioning of protective relay systems. All measured values are displayed on a large easy-to-read graphic display. The built-in timer responds to a variety of start and stop gates. The PMM-1 is equipped with data-retention and data-logging capabilities. RS-232 data and parallel printer ports are provided; Voltage: 0 - 650 V (ac/dc), 0.01% resolution of range; Current: 0 - 100 A (ac), 0.01% resolution of range; Phase Angle: 0 - 360.00 degrees or /-0 -180.00 degrees, 0.01 degree resolution; Power: 0 - 100 KW, 0.1% resolution
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