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Multiwave Sensors Inc GOGO

Gogo Bracket/Rail and Tower Bag

The Multiwave GoGo bracket is an accessory that you can use with the Multiwave Smart Aligner antenna alignment tool instead of the Universal Mounting Bracket that comes with the Smart Aligner as standard. With the GoGo bracket, you can use the Smart Aligner to optimally set up GoGo antennas without any issues.

The Multiwave GoGo bracket comes with a tether line and clip and is to be attached to the vertical plate at the top of the GoGo antenna. You don't need any additional tools apart from the GoGo bracket in order to use the Smart Aligner on GoGo antennas, and the bracket fits within the carrying case that you can opt for as part of the Smart Aligner package.

You can rent or purchase this Multiwave GoGo bracket at TRS-RenTelco with 365-day customer support.

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