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Narda SRM-3006-127-USA

Selective Radiation Meter (27MHz to 3GHz)

The SRM-3006-127-USA from Narda is a modern hand held, field strength measuring system for the detection of radiation. This device detects radiations correctly and quickly in any laboratory or manufacturing site. Therefore, the Narda SRM-3006-127-USA comes equipped with key characteristics such as separate recording of mobile communications channels of different providers and worst case evaluation through decoding of control signals in UMTS and LTE.

Highlights of the Narda SRM-3006-127-USA:

  • Measurements conforming to ICNIRP and national standards with results displayed directly in terms of the permitted limit value
  • Fast, reliable results using predefined measurement routines, setups, and automatic settings
  • LTE and UMTS operating modes for evaluating pilot signal information and extrapolation to maximum exposure levels
  • Scope mode for short term analysis of pulsed signals and long term recording of variable exposure levels
  • Editable tables for automatic correlation of results with telecommunications services (e.g. broadcasting, GSM, WiMAX)
  • Individual preparation of field campaigns with subsequent evaluation and handling of large quantities of measurement data
  • Suitable for outdoor use: Radiation protected, robust, splash-proof, ergonomically designed; uses exchangeable rechargeable batteries; equipped with integrated GPS and voice recorder

The Narda SRM-3006-127-USA selective radiation meter can be yours with various rent and sale options through TRS-RenTelco. Get competitive prices and perfectly calibrated products - request a quote today.

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2244 9031, 3501 9002
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  • 2244 9031

    Tripod Non Conductive,1,65 M With Carrying Bag

  • 3501 9002

    Antenna Holder For Triaxial Antenna Horizontal Vertical

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  • Cable USB-A - USB-MiniB

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  • Antenna Three Axis E-Field 27 MHz - 3 GHz

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  • Antenna Holder

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  • Power Supply

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  • Cable RF SRM 1.5 m

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  • Case Hard

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  • Battery Lithium Ion

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  • Tripod Non-Conductive 1.65 m with Carry Bag

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  • USB Drive with Software and Manuals

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