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OOKLA WINd Android Master Controller

WINd Controller Tablet SW (Indoor only)

OOKLA WINd Android Master Controller is now Ookla Wind Controller

Wind Controller is a Anroid tablet-based solution that facilitates synchronized indoor data collection with multiple user equipment (UE) and scanner via Bluetooth. By placing the user equipment (UEs) in the Wind Vest or backpack and using the tablet, the Wind Controller can be employed to set maps, test scenarios, and be used for pin-pointing.

Wind Controller - Features and Specifications:

  • The KPI summary view of all connected devices can be viewed instantly
  • Maps and test scenarios are pushed to attached devices by the controller
  • Logs can be uploaded directly to the server from the Wind Controller
  • Uses Bluetooth to support up to six user equipment or five UEs and a scanner

Availble Tablet: S3 and S7

You can rent or lease the Solutelia Wind Controller at TRS-RenTelco with 365-day customer support.

The latest test equipment - We are constantly investing in new equipment to support emerging technologies that require electronic test and measurement equipment. We are often the first to buy newly introduced products from top T&M manufacturers.

Calibrated equipment - Our skilled technicians and metrologists calibrate each product like the Solutelia WINd Controller ANDROID MC to stringent standards in our 50 GHz ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant lab.

Fast delivery options - We are located on the grounds of DFW Airport with a FedEx pickup time of 10:00 PM each day. This lets us take orders as late as 8:00 PM and have the equipment delivered the following morning.

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