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WINd Pro Stand-Alone Hand Held Test Solution


Wind is an award-winning professional grade stand-alone handheld test solution that virtualizes your testing with patented live KPI streaming technology. Wind can detect and record many physical and virtual parameters of mobile cellular service in a given geographical area. The features on the Wind are simple and user-friendly. You can observe tests as they are performed and customize requirements. Wind application's server connectivity allows real-time device visibility from anywhere in the world.

 With many view options to choose from, Wind lets you select your own user parameters and customize on the move. The test files are compressed and automatically uploaded on the Wind server for real-time data analysis. With Wind you get a lot in one small package - whether it's Wi-Fi testing, network testing, scanner or the ability to work with your iBwave design, where you need to work from start to finish with one application.

 Available LTE Smartphones: S9, S10E

Wind Product Highlights

• YouTube testing and streaming video MOS (PEVQ-S)

• KPI's can be streamed in real-time and processed

• VoLTE KPIs and VoLTE MOS (Squad08, POLQA, ITUT)

• Reporting & automatic log upload performed instantly

• Connectivity through LTE, WCDMA, CDMA, Wi-Fi

• PCTEL IBflex and HBflex scanner support

• Advanced Locking - Technology, Band, EARFCN,PCI

• Antenna shakedown testing module

• Test applications like -VoLTE, FTP, HTTP, IPERF, SMS, Mail, and YouTube among others

OOKLA & TRS-RenTelco

TRS-RenTelco is a proud partner of Solutelia (Ookla) and offers a wide range of rental, purchase and leasing solutions designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of the electronic testing industry.  Our close relationship with Solutelia (Ookla) allows us to ensure we have the right Wireless Test solution for your job.

Renting Wireless Test

With TRS-RenTelco, renting Wireless Test equipment has never been easier. Enjoy same-day shipping, lease, and finance options on our inventory of over 5000 electronic testing equipment rentals. As one of North America’s largest test equipment rental providers, it is our mission to support the endeavors of our clients no matter how big or small with reliable expertise, excellent customer service, accuracy, and speed.

Links to Additional Information

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OOKLA Home Page


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