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Ophir 5016

0.8 - 2.0 GHz, 25 Watt Power Amplifier

The Ophir 5016 is a 25-watt solid state, high-power RF amplifier that covers the 1.0 - 2.0 GHz frequency range. A compact and lightweight amplifier, the Ophir 5016 employs Class A/AB linear power devices that deliver an excellent 3rd order intercept point, high gain, and a wide dynamic range.

Owing to unrivaled engineering and the utilization of the most cutting-edge devices and components, the Ophir 5016 achieves high-efficiency operation with proven reliability. Like all OPHIR RF amplifiers, the 5016 comes with an extended multiyear warranty.

Ophir 5016 - Features and Specifications:

  • 0.8 ? 2.0 GHz frequency range
  • 25 Watts saturated output power
  • Small signal gain 44 dB min
  • 20 Watts minimum power output @ 1dB Comp.
  • Input VSWR 2:1 max
  • 50 Ohms nominal input/output impedance
  • RF input plus10 dBm max
  • RF input signal format CW/AM/FM/PM/Pulse
  • Class of operation A/AB
  • AC input power 220 Watts Max
  • AC input 100 - 240 VAC, single phase
  • Remote control access via the Ethernet, RS-232, or IEEE-488 communications ports
  • Integrated automatic leveling control
  • Standby/Enable control
  • Front panel display for easy viewing
  • Keypad buttons for complete local control

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