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Orolia 2240

Microwave Antenna Path Alignment Test Set, SMA(m)
The Path Align-R test set is a complete test solution designed to quickly and accurately optimize the transmission path (link) between two microwave antenna sites. Two battery-operated Path Align-Rs, one for each tower, are used for the alignment. Each test set drives its respective antenna directly, while receiving the signal from the other test set, simultaneously. Both units indicate the received path loss, in dB, with 0.1 dB resolution (to -100 dB sensitivity). The Path Align-R provides duplex voice communications over the antenna link, using the include headset, allowing two technicians to communicate with each other. The Record-R contains an embedded GPS receiver, which provides accurate date/time and position information to be added to the path loss data. This logged data is saved in non-volatile memory for later transfer (download) to a PC computer where the data can be viewed, saved to disk and a hard copy printed or sent as an e-mail attachment over the Internet. Each record contains: Model No., Serial No., Date, Time (UTC), Longitude, Latitude, Frequency, & Path Loss (with GPS Lock). If no GPS Lock then record contains: Model No., Serial No., Frequency, & Path Loss without date/time/location data. Consists of two test sets.
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320(X2), 321(X2), 339
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  • 320(X2)

    2 Additional Spare Batteries

  • 321(X2)

    2 Additional Battery Chargers

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    Double-sized Hard Case

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