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PCTEL 09201-T

SeeHawk Collect Software for Windows

What Is the PCTEL SeeHawk Collect Software?

The SeeHawk Collect network testing software provides an intuitive, Windows-based platform for RF data collection of 3G, 4G, LTE, and 5G networks from PCTEL scanning receivers. It helps you get visualizations of network coverage and quality effortlessly.

PCTEL 09201-T Features

  • Gain access to advanced features of PCTEL scanning receivers, such as 5G NR, Layer 3 messages, and LTE MIMO measurements
  • Ease of data collection simultaneously across multiple bands and technologies, including cellular, WiFi, LMR, public safety, and private radio
  • Integrates with post-processing tools for easy data analysis and automated reporting
  • Log and export data seamlessly with a simple file-based system, including .csv files
  • Get OpenStreetMaps support
  • Ability to set up user-defined events
  • Automated reporting analyzes signal strength and quality for 5G, LTE, 2G/3G, cellular, WiFi, and other connections


  • Indoor and outdoor walk testing
  • Outdoor drive tests
  • Network troubleshooting and optimization
  • 5G network deployment
  • Benchmarking
  • Model tuning and designing

For wireless testing using Android tablets and devices, use the SeeHawk Touch, an ideal software for in-building walk tests using path-based or grid-based methods. For scanning receivers that combine portability and accuracy with the power to test multiple technologies and bands simultaneously, try the PCTEL HBFLEX scanning receivers.


How Can SeeHawk Collect Software Simplify 5G Network Deployment and Optimization?

PCTEL has leveraged the success of its public safety testing solution and implemented an automated reporting feature for cellular drive and walk testing using its scanning receivers worldwide. With the PCTEL 09201-T (SeeHawk Collect), you can generate automated test reports in minutes with a single click to enable fast 5G network deployment and testing.

How Can PCTEL SeeHawk Collect Software Help in Drive Tests and Walk Tests of RF Networks?

  • Provides accurate visualizations of cellular communications in drive and walk tests
  • Enables rapid recognition and analysis and lets you export data quickly to resolve network coverage issues
  • Enables you to save print reports just minutes after your drive test and save hours of time in post-processing
  • Generates field measurements of network coverage and quality of service (Q0S) for WiFi, 5G, 2G/3G cellular, LTE, and other radio networks
  • Enables walk testing and drive tests that help mobile network operators or CSPs collect data on signal strength, mobile network latency, voice call KPIs, and GPS coordinates

The PCTEL SeeHawk Collect Software is compatible with PCTEL drive and walk RF test equipment and is available for rent and lease at TRS-RenTelco with 24/7 customer support.


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