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PCTEL 09215-R

SeeHawk Touch Software for Android

What is PCTEL SeeHawk Touch Software?

The SeeHawk Touch software provides intuitive and touch-enabled AndroidTM based wireless network testing to analyze, troubleshoot, and commission RF networks.

The PCTEL SeeHawk Touch software works seamlessly with PCTEL scanning receivers. You can access scanner features on Android tablets and analyze network coverage and Quality of Service (QoS). It helps you achieve network compliance with NFPA 1221, IFC 510, and local code requirements for grid testing.

PCTEL SeeHawk Touch Software - Features

  • Collect data from multiple brands and technologies simultaneously - cellular, WiFi, private radio, and LMR.
  • Analyze the spectrum for commissioning and troubleshooting networks.
  • Identify issues with equipment using the Antenna Verification testing tool.
  • Automate critical communications, cellular and WiFi network testing, and reporting with a grid-based testing approach.
  • Software integration with iBwave network design tools. 
  • Advanced PCTEL scanning receiver features such as 4G/ 5G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), Layer 3 messages, and LTE MIMO measurements.
  • OpenStreetMaps support. 
  • Get automated real-time reports that you can print or share easily.

What are the Applications of PCTEL SeeHawk Touch Software?

  • Indoor and outdoor walk tests.
  • Drive tests.
  • Troubleshooting and optimization of networks.
  • Equipment room jobs.
  • DAS, BDA, and commissioning of small cell networks.
  • Deployment and optimization of 5G networks.
  • Compliance with building codes.
  • Antenna verification testing (AVT).

How Can PCTEL SeeHawk Touch Software Simplify 5G Network Deployment and Optimization?

The SeeHawk Touch software helps generate automated test reports within minutes with a single click enabling fast and cost-effective deployment of 5G networks. The automated reporting feature helps analyze the signal strength and QoS against the industry benchmarks. SeeHawk Touch is especially suited for walk tests and indoor tests for Android.

How Does the SeeHawk Touch Software Eliminate Manual Data Processing?

The SeeHawk Touch data collection software can easily integrate with a planning tool to import building floor plans and add the grids, test locations, and touchpoints, and set up a pass/ fail criterion. It automates the execution of tests and grades the network based on defined parameters, followed by automated reporting.

Which Hardware Is the SeeHawk Touch Software Compatible With?

The SeeHawk Touch data collection software is compatible with PCTEL scanners and receivers such as HBflex and IBflex scanners with Bluetooth or USB, and MXflex scanners using USB. The PCTEL SeeHawk Touch Software is available for rent and lease at TRS-RenTelco, with 24/7 customer support. It is compatible with PCTEL drive and walk test equipment. Contact us at 800.874.7123 for more information.

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