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Radiodetection RD8200G

Pipe & Cable Locating Kit.

Radiodetection - RD8200G

Damage prevention and operational efficiency are the biggest challenges facing our customers.

Solve these problems with the new RD8200®. Designed with the operator in mind, it is our most advanced and capable range of precision locators.

RD8200G Product Highlights

• Easy to setup and use

• Sun light readable display, high performance audio system and vibration alerts for noisy environments

• Sensitive and accurate signal processing for reliable results

• Ideal for congested underground infrastructures

• Rejects strong interfering signals

• Identify target power cable in the presence of many

• Encourage correct locator handling for improved detection

• Monitor field operations through the automatic usage logging feature

• Proof of work to differentiate your operations from your competition and add value to your clients

• Rugged yet light weight and ergonomic

Radiodetection & TRS-RenTelco

TRS-RenTelco is proud to offer a wide range of Radiodetection rental, purchase and leasing solutions designed specifically to meet the evolving needs of the electronic testing industry. Our Radiodetection product offering allows us to ensure we have the right Electrical & Industrial Test Equipment solution for your job.

Renting Electrical & Industrial Test Equipment

With TRS-RenTelco, renting Electrical & Industrial Test Equipment equipment has never been easier. Enjoy same-day shipping, lease, and finance options on our inventory of over 5000 electronic testing equipment rentals. As one of North America’s largest test equipment rental providers, it is our mission to support the endeavors of our clients no matter how big or small with reliable expertise, excellent customer service, accuracy, and speed.

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Radio Detection Products from TRS-RenTelco

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Radiodetection Home Page


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    Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack with mains charger V2(includes power lead)

  • R10/82G

    Radiodetection RD8200 Receiver w/GPS Logging & Mapping


    Radiodetection 7K/8K Series Soft Carry Bag


    81/71 Receiver Rx Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Kit with A/C charger

  • R10/TX-CLAMP-4

    Radiodetection 4" Transmitter Induction Signal Clamp

  • R10/TX10

    RD TX10 Transmitter

Standard Rental Accessories*
* Leased or Buy Used product accessories will be confirmed with quote.
  • Receiver Alkaline Battery Tray RD8100

    Qty: 1
  • Transmitter Alkaline Battery Tray

    Qty: 1
  • Battery Pack Lithium Ion 38.5 W

    Qty: 1
  • Earth Extension Lead

    Qty: 1
  • Carry Bag Soft

    Qty: 1
  • Power Supply AC Adapter for Transmitter

    Qty: 1
  • Lead Direct Connection Red/Black

    Qty: 1
  • Clamp Transmitter Induction Signal 4 in

    Qty: 1
  • Battery Charger - AC Adapter

    Qty: 1
  • Magnet Neodymium

    Qty: 1
  • Accessory Tray Removable

    Qty: 1
  • Earth Stake

    Qty: 1
  • Cord Power

    Qty: 2
  • Battery D

    Qty: 10
  • Battery Pack 99watt Lithium Ion for Transmitter

    Qty: 1
  • Transmitter TX-10

    Qty: 1
  • USB A to USB C 1-1.5M

    Qty: 1
  • Manual Set

    Qty: 1
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