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Rohde & Schwarz CMU200

Universal Radio Communication Tester

We have the Rohde & Schwarz CMU200 Universal Radio Communication Tester available. With rapid measurement speeds and high levels of accuracy, the Rhode & Schwarz CMU200 is a great tool to add to your testing portfolio. The CMU200 offers the following mobile test applications: GPRS, EDGE, GSM, Bluetooth, TDMA (IS-136), AMPS, WCDMA, CDMA2000.

The CMU200 also has the following application independent test functionalities: Audio measurements IQ/IF Interface (R&S CMU-B17) allows measurements under fading conditions Audio generator and analyzer (R&S CMU-B41) available for comprehensive audio measurements Spectrum analyzer Power versus time measurement RF generator/analyzer.

Key Features and capabilities of the CMU200:


  • Multiprocessor technology
  • High speed remote processing
  • Parallel measurements


  • Real time temperature correction
  • Excellent VSWR
  • Accuracy over whole frequency and dynamic range
  • Frequency and level compensation
  • Accuracy over whole frequency and dynamic range
  • Real time temperature correction


  • Modular concept
  • Easy software upgrade
  • Plug&Test Hardware extension
  • Free slots and DSP space available for further extensions
  • Individual hardware configuration regarding your needs
  • Flexibility due to Plug&Test Hardware extensions

If you want to rent or lease the Rohde & Schwarz CMU200 request a quote today at TRS-RenTelco.

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--, B11, B21V14, B41, B53V14, B54V14, B56V14, B68, B83, B95, K53, K96, PK100, U65V04
See Configuration Details
  • B21V14

    Universal Signalling Unit

  • B56V14

    WCDMA and data E2E for CMU-B21/var. 14

  • B83

    CDMA2000 Signalling Unit

  • B68

    Layer1-Board (3GPP/FDD, DL+UL)

  • B95

    Additional RF Generator (Max. Input Power 2W)

  • B11

    Reference Oscillator OXCO, Aging 2 X 10E-7/Year

  • B41

    Audio Generator And Analyzer

  • B53V14

    BlueTooth Extension For CMU-B21/Var14

  • B54V14

    Sig.Module For AMPS,TDMA,GSM For CMU-B21/Var.14

  • K53

    BlueTooth For CMU-B21; CMU-B53 Required

  • K96

    WCDMA application testing

  • PK100

    Sw-Option For Cmu200: Gsm/Gprs/Egprs + Wcdma + C2k + 1xev-Do + Amps + Is136

  • U65V04

    Measurement DSP module for measurement speed improvement

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