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Rohde & Schwarz ESR3

EMI test receiver 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz

The R&S ESR3 is an EMI test receiver with a frequency range of 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz and offers the use of both a signal analyzer and a spectrum analyzer in one device.

Rohde and Schwarz ESR3 - Features and Specifications:

  • EMI test receiver and signal/spectrum analyzer combined in a single instrument
  • Compliant with CISPR 16-1-1 Ed. 3.1
  • Preselection with integrated 20 dB preamplifier
  • Resolution bandwidths in line with CISPR and optionally in decade steps from 10 Hz to 1 MHz
    (MIL STD-461, DO-160)
  • Ultrafast time domain scan (option) or conventional stepped frequency scan
  • Realtime spectrum analysis with up to 40 MHz span for detailed investigation of disturbances (option)
  • Time domain display with high resolution (50 ?s)
  • Automatic test routines
  • IF analysis (option)

Request a quote to rent or lease the Rohde and Schwarz ESR3 EMI test receiver from TRS-RenTelco.

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--, B22, B29, B4, B50, K53
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  • K53

    Time-Domain-Scan, FFT Based Scan For Fast EMI Measurements

  • B4

    OCXO, Precision Frequency Reference Aging Per Year: 0.1 Ppm Temp. Drift: 0.1 ppm (5 To 45 °C)

  • B50

    Hardware For Time Domain Scan And Real-Time Measurements

  • B29

    10Hz Frequency Extension, Incl. Decadical EMI Bandwidths

  • B22

    RF Preamplifier 20 dB, 9 kHz to 7 GHz

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