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Rohde & Schwarz FPH.26

31 GHz Handheld Spectrum Analyzer, Type 3.5 mm(m)

The R&S Spectrum Rider FPH offers German engineered performance and an ergonomic design at an affordable price. With excellent RF performance, it can capture weak signals with a DANL as low as -163 dBm. The portable R&S Spectrum Rider FPH weighs only 2.5 kg and its battery lasts for six hours or more. Measure anywhere and anytime at an affordable price.

Key facts

  • 5 kHz up to 31 GHz
  • Performance: excellent displayed average noise level (DANL)
  • Portability: lightweight (2.5 kg) and battery lasts for a day's work
  • Price: affordable price
  • User experience redefined thanks to multitouch interface
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  • Configurations
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--, B25, B31, HA-Z340, K15, K16, K29, K43, K9
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  • B31

    Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Upgrade 26.5 GHz to 31 GHz (Software License)

  • B25

    Spectrum Analyzer Preamplifier, 5 KHz to 31 GHz for R&S®FPH var .26 (Software License)

  • K9

    Power Sensor Support

  • K15

    Interference Analysis

  • K16

    Signal Strength Mapping Measurement Application

  • K29

    Pulse Measurements with Power Sensor

  • K43

    Receiver Mode and Channel Scanner Measurement Application

  • HA-Z340

    GPS Receiver

Standard Rental Accessories*
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  • Cord Power

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  • Cable USB-A - USB-B

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  • Carry Bag Soft with Strap

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  • AC Adapter Switching Input 100 VAC - 240 VAC Output 15 V 2.67 A 40 W

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  • Battery Pack Smart Lithium Ion 11.25 V 6400 mAh 72 Wh

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  • Receiver GPS

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  • Manual Getting Started

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