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Rohde & Schwarz FSWP8

8 GHz Phase noise analyzer and VCO tester, Type N(f)

The Rohde & Schwarz FSWP8 is a Phase Noise Analyzer and VCO Tester that offers a frequency range of up to 8 GHz. The FSWP8 comes with the brand's cross-correlation technology and low-noise internal sources in order to offer high sensitivity for phase noise measurements.

Key facts of the R&S FSWP8:

  • Frequency range from 1 MHz to 8 GHz
  • Simultaneous measurement of amplitude noise and phase noise
  • Measurement of phase noise on pulsed sources at the push of a button
  • Internal source for measuring additive phase noise, including on pulsed signals
  • Signal and spectrum analyzer and phase noise analyzer in a single box
  • High-end signal and spectrum analyzer, 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz
  • Wide dynamic range thanks to low displayed average noise level (DANL) of -156 dBm (1 Hz) (without noise cancellation) and high TOI of typ. 25 dBm
  • 320  MHz signal analysis bandwidth (optional)
  • Total measurement uncertainty: < 0.2 dB up to 3.6 GHz,< 0.3 dB up to 8 GHz
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Large 12.1” display for simultaneous viewing of multiple measurement windows
  • Various measurement applications can be run and displayed in parallel
  • High measurement speed
  • Low-noise internal DC sources for VCO characterization
  • Automatic VCO characterization
  • Analysis of up to 8 GHz wide frequency hops (transients)

Rent or lease the Rohde and Schwarz FSWP8 phase noise analyzer and VCO tester from TRS-RenTelco with 365 days customer service. We have an experienced team of metrologists and technicians that calibrates every

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--, B1, B18, B60, B80, K7
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  • K7

    Modulation Analysis Application For Modulation Analysis Of Analog (AM, FM, PM) Modulated Single Carrier Signals

  • B60

    Cross Correlation For Phase Noise Analyzer

  • B1

    Signal And Spectrum Analyzer 10 Hz To 8 GHz

  • B80

    Extension To 80 MHz Signal Analysis Bandwidth, Includes Microwave Preselector Bypass

  • B18

    Solid State Drive, 64 GB With Analyzer Firmware For Exchange Against Standard SSD For Instruments With IPC11 CPU Board

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