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Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z21

18 GHz, 200mW Power Sensor (-67 to +23 dBm)
The R&S NRP-Z21 universal rf power sensor is, with a dynamic range of 90 dB for measurement of CW and modulated signals and a maximum power of 23 dBm, a very useful measurement instrument for a vast number of measurement tasks. * True universal power sensor for a vast number of applications * 10 MHz to 18 GHz * -67 dBm to 23 dBm (200 pW to 200 mW) * 90 dB dynamic range for CW and modulated signals * Innovative three-path diode power sensor with enhanced inter-range performance * Continuous average, burst average, timeslot average, time gating and trace mode supported (video bandwidth 100 kHz) * Automatic burst detection and acquisition * Up to 1500 measurements/s (buffered mode) * Low sensitivity to harmonics
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