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Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z37

21 GHz, 30 Watt Power Sensor (-42 dBm to +45 dBm)
The power sensor module for the frequency ranges DC to 26,5 GHz turns the R&S FSMR measuring receivers into precision power meters with a dynamic range as large as -115 dBm to 30 dBm. The sensor module features not only all the advantages of the thermal measuring principle, but also reliable and repeatable operation due to the use of a power splitter for signal separation. Excellent isolation from the receiver input is achieved by means of hardware and by numeric precorrection of the splitter, which yields high total accuracy. Like all other power sensors of the R&S NRP family, the sensor module is fully self-contained power meter that is remote-controlled from the R&S?FSMR, R&S NRP or any Windows PC via USB. * Power sensor with additional RF signal output * Developed for use with the R&S FSMR measuring receiver * For precise calibration of T & M equipment * DC to 26,5 GHz * Level range -24 dBm to 26 dBm
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