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RX Monitoring Service, Inc. CXMONITOR

Power Quality Monitor

RX Monitoring Service, Inc. Cx Monitor is a Power Quality Monitor (PQM) designed to offer usability and ease to the power quality market, adapted specifically for commissioning tests. The Cx Monitor has the capacity to collect the voltage and current data required for all commissioning tests and can additionally also collect data for wireless T/H and DC voltage data, for one hundred locations. Ideal for recording the testing of generators, UPS's and transfer switches; the Cx Monitor is equipped to synchronously observe in real-time - voltage on 10 separate channels and current on five separate channels.

RX Monitoring Service, Inc. Cx Monitor - Features and Specifications:

  • 15 Channels consisting of 10 voltage channels and 5 current channels
  • All 15 channels capture data if there are triggers on any single channel due to the cross triggering feature
  • Minimum 512Mbytes high speed NAND Flash of internal memory
  • USB mass storage
  • The secure remote Ethernet tunneling ensures remote access
  • Internal Uninterruptible Power Supply: Programmable UPS standby time (Max time 10 Minutes) protecting data regardless of incoming power conditions

You can rent or lease the RX Monitoring Service, Inc. Cx Monitor at TRS-RenTelco with 365-day customer support. Request a quote today.

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Standard Rental Accessories*
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  • Cable Ethernet Patch Cat5E

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  • Power Supply Grounded 24 V DC

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  • Line Cord AC 10 A

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  • Power Supply Current Probe 12 V XLR - 3.3 V Barrel

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  • USB Drive

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  • Lead Set (Set of 5) Striped Wire

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  • Leadset Voltage Input - Alligator Clips (Set Of 5) Multi-Color

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  • Manual Installation Guide

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  • Case Shipping for CX Monitor

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  • Kit Safety

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