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Sony PC216AXY

16 Channel DAT Recorder

The Sony PC216AX Data Recorder is a 16 channel device with a dynamic range of more than 80dB. Combined with Sony's unique compact mechanics and LSI technology, it is light-weight and can be carried in a traveling bag. Designed for use as both laboratory and field instruments, it has a wide range of scientific and industrial applications including R&D, maintenance, research in medicine, and much more.

With attractive features such as an inter-channel phase difference of less than 2 and double speed time axis conversion, the product's safety and reliability can be vouched for as it complies with safety/EMC regulations.

Features and Specifications:

  • PC216AX is expandable up to 32 channels at 1.25 kHz in normal mode or 2.5 kHz in double-speed mode. It comes with features such as double bandwidth record/playback, attained by doubling longitudinal tape speed and rotational speed of the head drum.
  • Its multiband channel modes assure extensive types of combinations of frequency and a number of channels combined with switchable record/playback speed, enabling flexible data gathering.

The Sony PC216AX is available for rent or lease from TRS-RenTelco with 365-day support.

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