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SyntheSys Research BSA7500A

7.5 GB/s BERTScope S
The flagship BERTScope has everything you will need to perform receiver compliance testing and advanced analysis. Featuring easy and flexible stress testing, physical layer analysis such as Bit Eror Rate Contour and Jitter measurements, and the new Compliance Contour view for mask it represents a breakthrough in insight and saved development time. Compliance Contour is a new bridge between BER and mask testing, needed because of the requirements of standards such as OIF CEI and XFP/XFI. These new standards require compliance to masks at BER levels of 10-12, a feat beyond mask test capabilities of currently available instruments. BER contour, however, is the ideal tool for gauging parametric performance at these levels, and Compliance Contour allows comparison of compliance masks with measured BER Contours, making it easy to see where issues lie.
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  • ECC

    Forward Error Correction

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    Error Mapping

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    Physical Layer Suite

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    Stressed Eye

  • LDA

    Live Data Analysis

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