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Tektronix 800

1Ch 50GHz Electrical Sampling Module

The Tektronix 80E01 electrical sampling module is a single-channel, 50 GHz bandwidth sampling module. The 80E01 sampling module has a measured bandwidth >=50 GHz and a calculated rise time <=7.0 ps. Displayed noise is typically 1.8 mVRMS. The front-panel connector is female 2.4 mm and an SMA adapter is provided (2.4 mm male to 2.92 mm female) to maintain compatibility with SMA connector systems. Used in High Frequency Acquisition, Fast Rise Time applications.

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  • Case Transit ESD Protective

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  • Adapter 2.4 mm/1.85 mm(m) - 2.92 mm(f)

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  • Termination 50 Ohm SMA

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  • Read This First Sheet

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  • CD Product Documentation

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