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Tektronix 82A04

Phase Reference Module

The Tektronix 82A04 phase reference module extends the capability of the DSA8300 digital serial analyzer sampling oscilloscope mainframe by providing extremely low jitter/low drift sample position data to the mainframe. This sample position information is based on the phase of a clock the user provides to the input of the Tektronix 82A04, giving the two-fold benefit of extremely low Jitter of less than 200 fsRMS (typical), and the possibility of a trigger-less acquisition. Typical application of the 82A04 is in the acquisition and analysis of very high-speed optical and electrical signals in high-speed communication devices and systems.

Together with the DSA8300, the Tektronix 82A04 implements the phase reference time-base functionality in a unique approach, generating the option to select from time base and acquisition modes without compromises; any phase-reference frequency within the operating range is accommodated, along with the inclusion of advanced features, such as FrameScan. The acquisition rate in phase reference mode has the capability to reach over 40 kS/s, owing to the separate DSP per acquisition slot architecture of the DSA8300.

Tektronix 82A04 - Features and Specifications:

  • Frequency range 2 GHz - 60 GHz (wide and continuous)
  • Exceptionally low jitter less than 200 fsRMS (typical)
  • Fast acquisition rate
  • Enhanced acquisition modes (FrameScan) support
  • Flexible operation with triggered and untriggered (free-running) acquisition without trigger signal
  • Small module operation allows acquisition on six other channels
  • Place the module close to the DUT with module extender cable

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