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Tektronix AWG520

1 GS/s, 8-Bit Two Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Dual channel output. 1 GS/s sample clock rate, 4 Mword execution memory. 50 kHz to 1 GHz sampling frequency. 2 V output or 4 V into a differential input. 10-bit vertical resolution. Built-in independent real-time noise generation. On-screen waveform creation and editing for ease-of-use. Arbitrary of standard waveform generation for flexible use. File transfers from GPIB, floppy disk, or 10Base-T Ethernet. Built-in 1.4 GB hard drive for mass data storage.
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  • Cord Power

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  • Cover Front

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  • Disk Sample Program Ver2.0

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  • Disk Sample Waveform Library Ver1.2

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  • Manual Programming

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  • Diskette Performance Check and Adjustments

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  • Manual User

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  • Manual Installation Guide for ArbExpress

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  • CD Software ArbExpress Waveform Creation and Editing Ver2.4

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