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Tektronix DG2020A

Data Pattern Generator
Features & Benefits * Data Rate to 200 Mb/s * Data Pattern Depth 64 K/channel Speeds Characterization * Multiple Output Channels Increases Flexibility DG2020A: 12, 24, or 36 * Precise Control of Output Parameters Include: * Variable Output Delay * Variable Output Level * Tri-state Output Control * Transition Times 2 ns at 5 Vp-p * Flexible Sequence Control with Jump, Event and Nested Loops * Large Display for Easy-to-Use Data Editing * Import Pattern Data with DG-link Software Utility * Integrate into ATE Systems via GPIB/RS-232-C Interface Applications * Low Jitter for Clock Substitution * Characterize Device Timing * Simulate Missing Functions in System or Subsystem Evaluation Create Complex Data Patterns with Sophisticated Sequence, Looping, Jump on Event and Tri-state Output Control * Characterize and Verify ASIC, FPGA and DACs * Test Printer Engines or LCD Display Drivers * Construct Logic Verification Systems Utilizing Tektronix Oscilloscopes or Logic Scopes Use in Conjunction with TLA Logic Analyzer to Provide Digital Stimulus The DG2020A pattern generator provides digital designers with the high performance tools needed to evaluate digital semiconductors and logic circuits. Whatever you call your design process - characterization, debug, validation or verification - as a digital designer you must have a state-of-the-art digital pattern generation as you push the edge of the technology envelope and race to market.
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    Add 12Ch; Total 24Ch 64 kWord

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