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Tektronix DPO7OE1

Optical Probe: DC-33GHz: 750-1650nm: TekConnect/ATI

IsoVu? probes are the right tool for today's demanding power measurement challenges given their industry leading 1 GHz bandwidth, 160 dB or 100 Million to 1 common mode rejection, 60 kV common mode voltage, large ? 2500 V differential range and superior probe loading.  

Learn how you can use IsoVu technology to make impossible measurements such as high side Vgs.

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  • Connector Cleaner

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  • USB Drive with Manuals and Software

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  • Screw Torx Panhead 6-32 x 0.500 Steel Black ZI

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  • Bracket Support Shuttle to ATI

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  • Case Hard Plastic

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  • Connector FC Optical

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