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Tektronix DPP125C

1-12.5 Gb/s 3 Tap Digital Pre-Emphasis Processor

The Tektronix DPP125C is a nonlinear signal conditioner capable of adding controllable amounts of pre-emphasis to a signal. It takes in single-ended inputs of data and clock. The DPP125C's wave shape can be adjusted in the user interface by either directly entering tap weights, or through an amplitude-weighted time domain bitmap showing the step response. In addition to these two views, the DPP125C also comes with a frequency-domain Bode plot is calculated and displayed to show the effect being implemented. This is particularly helpful when counteracting the effects of circuit board ISI with a measured frequency response. These applications include the likes of design characterization for high-speed, sophisticated designs, certification testing of serial data streams for industry standards, and design and verification of high-speed input/output components and systems.

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    Combo Configuration Including Eye Opener: Clock Doubler And Multiplier

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