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Tektronix DSA70804C

4 Ch 8 GHz Oscope

Equipped with the Tektronix MagniVu technology, the Tektronix TLA7BB4 Series logic analyzer modules offer high-speed sampling that provides them with high measurement capabilities. The TLA7BB4 modules offer high speed and flexibility and have the ability to measure your device's performance with parameters, including period, pulse width, frequency, etc.

It can flag the glitch and eliminate the need to manually search all channels for identification. The TLA7BB4 comes with high-speed state synchronous capture, high-speed time capture, and analog capture through the same set of probes. It capitalizes on the MagniVu technology to offer up to 20 ps timing on all channels, glitch and setup/hold triggering, and display and time stamp that is always on at up to 20 ps resolution.136 channels (4 are clock, 4 are qualifier channels).

Features and specifications of the Tektronix TLA7BB4

  • Threshold accuracy ? plus/minus (35 mV plus 1% of threshold voltage setting)
  • Synchronous sample uncertainty of 20 ps
  • MagniVu memory depth of 128K per channel
  • System time zero placement error (Typical) of plus/minus 1.25 ns plus Mainframe backplane 10 MHz skew
  • 68/102/136 channel logic analyzers with up to 512 Mb record length
  • Transitional storage extends the signal analysis to capture time for infrequent signals
  • Simultaneous state, high-speed timing, and analog analysis through the same probe identifies tricky faults
  • Views time-correlated data in diverse display formats
  • Consists of comprehensive PCI express probing solutions that include midbus, slot interposer, and solder-down connectors
  • Comes with broad processor and bus support

You can rent or lease the Tektronix TLA7BB4 at TRS-RenTelco, that comes with 365-day support.

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