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Tektronix LE160

16Gbps Linear Equalizer
Tektronix offers several Digital Signal Processing accessories to serve high speed serial designer needs in areas of Pre-emphasis or Equalization when using the BSA Series Bit Error Rate Tester
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--, CDS, SPM
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  • CDS

    Channel Designer Sw

  • SPM

    S-Parameter Modeler

Standard Rental Accessories*
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  • Cord Power

    Qty: 1
  • Cable USB-A - USB-MiniB

    Qty: 1
  • Cable Pair Coax Marked 0130-314-00

    Qty: 1
  • Cable Coaxial Flex K(m) - K(m)

    Qty: 2
  • AC Adapter 12 V - 1.5 A

    Qty: 1
  • Software for Linear Equalizer V2.7.0.785

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  • Installation Instructions for Linear Equalizer

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