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Tektronix MDO4054-3

(4) 500 MHz c., (16) digital ch., (1) 3 GHz RF ch. MDO

Capture time-correlated digital, analog, and RF signals effectively with the Tektronix MDO4054-3 mixed domain oscilloscope. The MDO4054-3 allows you to capture signals in the frequency domain and also correlate it to the time domain.

Get the benefits of the maximum sampling rates, a range of time domain triggers, and a triggered acquisition system that is fully integrated with analog, digital, and RF channels.

Tektronix MDO4054-3 Features and Specifications:

  • Four Analog
  • 500MHz or 1GHz bandwidth models
  • Maximum real-time sampling rate of 2.5GS/s and a record length of 20 M
  • Frequency range of 50kHz to 3GHz
  • 16 digital channels and one RF channel
  • Mixed domain analysis
  • Time-correlated analog, digital, and RF signal acquisitions in a single instrument
  • Wave InspectorTM Controls provide easy navigation of time-correlated data from both the time and frequency domains
  • Amplitude, frequency, and phase vs. time waveforms derived from RF input
  • Selectable spectrum time to discover and analyze how RF spectrum changes over time

Get the Tektronix MDO4054-3 mixed domain oscilloscope for rent or lease at TRS-RenTelco with 24/7 expert support for all your needs. Request a quote or contact us for details.

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