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Tektronix MTS430

MPEG Test System
Features & Benefits *Integrated cross-layer fault analysis and logging provides one box solution for fault diagnosis, reducing time to insight when troubleshooting *Playout functionality provides stimulus with parametric capabilities and IP multisession replication to characterize behavior of network or device under test *CaptureVu? technology captures and analyzes system events in real time and deferred time to debug the intermittent and complex problems that traditional analyzers miss *Innovative program-centric user interface brings expert power to the novice user *H.264 Buffer Analysis, Multiplexing, and ES Compliance Checking provide the most powerful suite of tools for creation and analysis of Transport Streams containing H.264 content *Both Buffer Analysis and Multiplexing are now available for MPEG-4 AAC, a mandatory ISDB-TB audio CODEC. These compliment the existing MPEG-4 AAC ES Compliance Checking *Try before you buy: Demo versions of the TSCA, Multiplexer, and Buffer Analyzer are available to download
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  • Cable RF BNC(m) - BNC(m) 75 Ohm

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  • Keyboard with Touchpad Assembly 105 Key

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  • CD Product Documentation Ver1.4

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  • CD Systems Application Install Ver1.4

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