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Tektronix RSA3303B

3 GHz Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, Type N (f)

The Tektronix RSA3303B, 3 GHz Real Time Spectrum Analyzer is a portable, real-time spectrum analyzers having RF measurement ability up to 3 GHz that makes it easy to discover design issues that other signal analyzers do not capture.

The RSA3303B's DPX spectrum processing provides an intuitive understanding of time-varying RF signals with color graded displays based on frequency of occurrence, giving you assurance in the stability of your design. Built with unique features, the Tektronix RSA3303B has a different architecture from traditional tools that is adept at capturing continuous, intermittent, or random signals with ease.

The data acquired is analyzed in time, amplitude, phase, and frequency domains correlating with time by the RSA3303B. Combining the functions of a high-performance vector signal analyzer, spectrum analyzer, and the capability of a real-time spectrum analyzer, makes the Tektronix RSA3303B, a cutting-edge spectrum analyzer.

Tektronix RSA3303B - Features and Specifications:

  • Robust design with 8.4 inch TFT color-graded display
  • DC to 3 GHz - measurement frequency range
  • Connectivity through USB, LAN, and GPIB interfaces
  • Measurement span of 100 Hz to 3 GHz, vector span of 15 MHz
  • 3-D representation of time-varying spectrum through Spectrogram
  • Scrutiny of intermittent signals through DPX spectrum display
  • Analog modulation analysis of AM, PM, FM, ASK and FSK signals

The Tektronix RSA3303B is available for rent or lease at TRS-RenTelco with 365-day customer support.

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02, 03, 10
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  • 02

    65.5 Msample Deep Memory, Frequency Mask Trigger

  • 03

    Iq, Differential Iq Inputs

  • 10

    Audio Distortion Analysis

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