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Tektronix RTPA2A

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer TekConnect Probe Adapter
Interface Tektronix P7000 Series High-Performance Active and Differential Probes to RSA2200A Series, RSA3300A Series, RSA3408A, or WCA200A Series Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers * Automatically Scales Measurement for Probe Attenuation Setting * Simplifies Setup for Troubleshooting, Eliminates possible Setup Errors, Requires no User Adjustments * Extends the Troubleshooting Capabilities of Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers with the World?s Best Probes Troubleshoot and Determine RF Faults Directly on Circuit Boards where no Coaxial Connection is Available Use Differential Probes for High Impedance IQ Baseband Applications Applications
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