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Tektronix RTX130B

QAM & VSB MPEG RF Signal Generator
Features & Benefits: * New Large Resolution Screen for Enhanced Usability. * Provides a complete solution for DVB-C / QAM ITU-T J.83 standards, Annex A (DVB-C), B, C, & VSB signal generation by integrating an QAM & VSB modulator, up converter, and MPEG generator in a portable form factor * Real-time Updating of Timestamps and Time Tables for Error-free Looping From Disk * USB and GbE interface for loading of Transport Streams for optimum flexibility in storing and managing Transport Stream Libraries * Integration with automated systems enabled by Ethernet remote control using SCPI (Standard Command for Programmable Instruments) command set * Quick and Easy Interpretation of Complex Structures by utilizing a large Color Hierarchical Display of Transport Stream Components * Easy Integration With Tektronix MPEG Analysis Tools for Transport Stream Creation to Support Compliance and Stress Testing of Video Products Using MPEG-2 Technology * Integrates with Tektronix Monitoring Tools for Powerful and Cost Effective Transport Stream Monitoring, and Error Recording Applications: * QAM & VSB Consumer Receiver Design and Manufacturing Test * Evaluation of Professional QAM & VSB Equipment * Performance Verification of QAM & VSB Systems * Simulation of Digital Terrestrial & Cable Broadcasting Transmission * Scheduling of Stream Play out and Recording for Broadcast and Production Line Applications
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--, M2, M4
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  • M4

    Add Atsc 8vsb Modulation Mode

  • M2

    Add Itu-T J.83 Annex B Modulat

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