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Tektronix TDS3014C

4 Ch 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope

Find accurate signal representation and the performance you need at reasonable prices. Get fast waveform capture rates on a continuous basis and identify faults quickly with the Tektronix TDS3014C.

This Tektronix digital phosphor oscilloscope enables accurate characterization of a wide range of signal types simultaneously on all channels. This is made possible because the TDS3014C brings together unique digital real-time (DRT) sampling technology and sin (x)/x interpolation.

This Tektronix DPO lets you turn on additional channels with no change in sampling rate. Using its sampling technology, the TDS3014C lets you capture elusive high-frequency information like glitches and edge anomalies. It also lets you reconstruct waveforms with precision.

As part of the TDS3000C series, the Tektronix TDS3014C oscilloscope makes debugging and characterizing signals quick, with greater insight into complex signals. Such capabilities and its portable design make it ideal for specialized analysis in aerospace and defense, consumer electronics, power supply design, telecommunications mask testing, and manufacturing tests among others.

Tektronix TDS3014C ? Features and Specifications

  • 100 MHz bandwidth
  • 4 channels
  • Sample rates up to 1.25 GS/s real-time on all channels
  • 10k record length on all channels
  • 3,600 wfms/s continuous waveform capture rate
  • Advanced triggers
  • 25 automatic measurements
  • Front-panel USB host port for easy storage and transfer of measurement data
  • FFT standard
  • Multiple language user interface
  • WaveAlert automatic waveform anomaly detection
  • 149 mm deep - frees up valuable bench space
  • TekProbe interface supports active, differential, and current probes for automatic scaling and units

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