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Tektronix TLA5202

68 Ch Portable Logic Analyzer

Achieve high-speed timing resolution, fast state acquisition, deep memory and sophisticated triggering with the Tektronix TLA5202 portable logic analyzer.

The TLA5202 can efficiently identify initialization failures, operation crashes, and intermittent operation. Find and display elusive timing problems quickly without double probing. You can also analyze high-speed synchronous digital circuits and identify difficult problems, such as digital logic errors, glitches, setup/hold violations, and crosstalk easily.

The Tektronix TLA5202 is best suited for applications including digital hardware verification and debugging, monitoring and measurement of digital hardware, performance single microprocessor or bus debugging.

Tektronix TLA5202 Features and Specifications:

  • 500 ps (2GHz)/32Mb timing record length
  • 125 ps-resolution MagniVu acquisition
  • 235MHz state acquisition
  • iView time-correlated digital-analog view to analyze analog anomalies
  • 34/68/102/136 channel configurations

The Tektronix TLA5202 portable logic analyzer is available for rent or lease at TRS-RenTelco with 24/7 customer support. Contact us at 800-874-7123 for more information.

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--, 1P, 7S
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  • 1P

    4 ea P6418 Probes

  • 7S

    Increase To 2M Memory Depth @235MHz State

Standard Rental Accessories*
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  • Cord Power

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  • Grabber

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  • Probe Assembly 8-Channel

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  • Bracket Support

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  • Probe 17-Channel

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  • Cover Front

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  • Lead Set 1 Channel

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  • Keyboard PS2 MINI

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  • CD Product Documentation

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  • CD TLA Software Application (Set Of 2)

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  • Mouse Optical

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