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Tektronix TLA7012

2-Slot Logic Analyzer Mainframe

The TLA7012 is a 2-slot portable logic analyzer mainframes that accepts TLA logic analyzer and pattern generator modules. The TLA7012 provides breakthrough solutions for the design team with its ability to quickly monitor, capture, and analyze real-time digital system operation in order to debug, verify, optimize, and validate digital systems. With the capacity to be configured as either master or expansion mainframes, the TLA7012 provides solutions for large numbers of buses and high channel count requirements.

Built on a Microsoft Windows XP Professional PC platform that offers a familiar work environment for the TLA application software, the TLA7012 is available with multiple display capability for extended desktop viewing, in addition to an internal DVD-RW, hard drive, and multiple USB2.0 ports for expansion. A replaceable hard drive is standard on both mainframes, enabling additional security features and also for individual team members to store separate setups and data. The trigger in/out connections on the TLA7012 provides an interface to other external instrumentation, such as TDS oscilloscopes, for correlating measurement results.

Tektronix TLA7012- Features and Specifications:

  • Simultaneous display - front-panel and one external display - with touchscreen capability
  • Accepts two TLA modules
  • 68/102/136 Channel logic analyzers with up to 512 Mb record length
  • Find and measure elusive timing problems quickly with MagniVu acquisition technology
  • Front-panel - general-purpose knob with dedicated hot-keys and knobs for horizontal and vertical scaling and scrolling
  • Up to 156 ps (6.4 GHz)/512 Mb record length timing analysis
  • Up to 1.4 GHz clock with up to 3.0 GB/s data with a data valid window of 180ps for state acquisition analysis of high-performance synchronous buses
  • 7 USB 2.0 ports - three in front and four in rear
  • Transitional storage extends the sig
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