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Tektronix TLA7P4

136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module

Capture and display signals from digital systems or circuits with the Tektronix TLA7P4 136 Channel Logic Analyzer Module.

Measure data from state machine tracing, protocol decoding, and timing diagrams using the TLA7P4. Analyze the timing relationship between multiple signals, perform effective and accurate signal monitoring.

Tektronix TLA7P4 Features and Specifications:

  • Number of channels: 136
  • Number of data channels: 128
  • Number of clock channels: 4
  • Number of qualifier channels: 4
  • Conventional Timing 250 MHz
  • Memory/Channel 16 Mbits
  • 100 MHz state
  • 2 GHz timing card
  • Typical data rate 400 MHz (half channel)

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    Add P6417 Probe; 8 Ea P6417

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