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Tektronix WFM7100

HD-capable, performance monitor
WFM6000/7000 Waveform Monitors accept a diverse range signal formats and external references. The following chart shows all accepted video formats and their compatible external references. The monitor will automatically detect the signal format and establish the appropriate settings for the various displays. You can select an expected signal format from the list of supported formats. If the expected format and detected format differ, the instrument will report a format mismatch.
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--, 001, DAT, HD, PHY, SD
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  • 001

    Portable Cabinet (Equivalent T

  • DAT

    Adds data analysis capabilities. Allows for logic-level view of video and audio digital data stream and ANC data extraction.

  • HD

    High Definition Digital Video Monitoring

  • PHY

    Includes the capabilities of EYE option plus advanced physical layer measurements; jitter waveform, and automated eye measurements.

  • SD

    Add Support For Monitoring Sta

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