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Tektronix WFM8300

Advanced 3G/HD/SD-SDI Waveform Monitor and Analyzer

The Tektronix WFM8300 is an advanced 3G/HD/SD-SDI Waveform Monitor and Analyzer that packs versatility and high performance in one dynamic package. To learn more about the WFM8300's capabilities, take a look at its features and benefits.

Features and Benefits:

  • Video/Audio/Data Monitor and Analyzer  All in One Platform
    • WFM8300 and WFM8200 come standard with auto-detection of HD/SD-SDI and multiple Dual Link video formats
    • Optional capabilities include 3G-SDI (Level A and Level B) formats support (Opt. 3G), composite analog video support (Opt. CPS), as well as analog and digital audio (Opt. AD) and Dolby E, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby Digital audio (Opt. DPE) decoding and monitoring
    • WFM8300 also comes standard with Simultaneous Input Monitoring capability, ANC Data Inspector, and numerical/graphical display of A/V delay for analog, digital audio (Opt. AD), and Dolby (Opt. DPE)
    • Multiple Input Mode allows monitoring of 2 to 4 SDI inputs simultaneously (4-input mode requires Opt. 2SDI)
  • Superior Physical Layer Signal Integrity Analyzer
    • Most accurate 3G-SDI jitter waveform display and eye pattern display in the waveform series and patented cable length measurement (WFM8300 Opt. PHY with Opt. 3G or WFM8200 Opt. PHY3 with Opt. 3G)
    • Most comprehensive eye pattern measurements including eye amplitude, rise/fall time, and overshoot/undershoot measurements as well as Tektronix jitter waveform display (WFM8300 Opt. PHY or WFM8200 Opt. PHY3)
    • Field-upgradeable HD/SD-SDI eye pattern input module to full 3G-SDI and HD/SD-SDI support with the purchase of an upgrade key (WFM830UP Opt. 3G or WFM820UP Opt. 3G)
  • Black Picture and Tektronix-patented Frozen Picture Detection
  • Tektronix-patented Timing and Lightning Displays
  • New Tektronix-patented Spearhead Display and Luma Quali
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--, 3G, AD, PHY
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  • 3G

    Add Support For 3g-Sdi Signal Formats

  • PHY

    Physical Layer Measurement Package (Incl. Automated Measurement Of 3g/Hd/Sd Eye Pattern Parameters, Jitter, And Cable Parameters; Jitter Waveform Display; Color Bar And Pathological Signal Generation) Option 3g Required For 3g Support

  • AD

    Add Analog Audio Monitoring ( 2 Sets Of 6 Channel Analog Audio Inputs And 8 Channels Analog Audio Outputs) Plus 16 Channels Embedded Or Aes/Ebu Digital Audio Support (8 Channels At A Time)

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