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Tektronix Y400

NetTek Analyzer

The Tektronix NetTek analyzer is a revolutionary portable field tool. When combined with various test modules (optional), the NetTek offers proven measurement capability at a surprisingly low price, in a rugged, easy-to-use package, suitable for all field environments. The NetTek analyzer is based around the familiar Windows CE operating system. As a result, users will spend less time learning the instrument and more time troubleshooting the network. Furthermore, built-in help guides speed the measurement process. Common measurements have been optimized for quick, repeatable results. Applications: Base Station Transmitter Analysis Resolve Interference Problems Troubleshooting of T1 Circuits Base Station Antenna and Transmission Line Analysis.

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    Include Pcmcia Memory Card In Y400 Box



  • VCE

    Virtual Ce Remote Control

Standard Rental Accessories*
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  • Cord Power

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  • Stylus

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  • Case Soft

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  • Cable Serial Null Modem 9(f) - 9(f)

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  • CD Utility and Operating System Installation Software Ver2.302

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  • CD YNETG Enhancement Software Installation Ver1.15

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  • Manual Y400 Setup Reference

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  • PCMCIA Card 128 MB

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  • Battery Lithium Ion 10.8 V

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  • Tilt stand

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  • Adapter Vehicle for Y400

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