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Teledyne LeCroy PE083UIA-X

G2x4 Multi-lead Pod (for use with Summit T24)

Tap into signal traces directly, capture bus traffic for protocol analysis, and perform effective debugging in your PCB designs using an embedded PCI Express bus with the Gen2 Teledyne LeCroy PE083UIA-X protocol analyzer G2x4 Multi-lead probe pod.

This pod is half-width (x4) and is a key component of the protocol analyzer probe.

Use the multi-lead pod to connect the probe with a Teledyne LeCroy Summit T24, T28, T3-8, or T3-16 protocol analyzer. Each lane connection is made using two 30 cm extender coax cables connecting into a 17 cm flex-tip connector.

The flex-tip connector is attached to an individual transmit-pair or receive-pair on the surface of the PCB.

Teledyne LeCroy PE083UIA-X Features and Specifications:

  • Data rates: 5.0 GT/s (Gen2)
  • Lane width x1, x2, x4, x8 (two pods) or x16 (four pods)
  • Dimensions: - iPASS cable(s) 1 m (39%22) - Probe pod 117 x 30 x 68 mm (4.6%22 x 1.2%22 x 2.7%22) - Coax extender 30 cm (12%22) - Flex-tip probe 17 cm (6.75%22)

If you are looking to rent or lease the Teledyne LeCroy PE083UIA-X protocol analyzer G2x4 Multi-lead pod, contact us or request a quote today.

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