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Teledyne LeCroy SDA-813ZI-A

4 Ch 13 GHz Serial Data Analyzer

Teledyne LeCroy SDA-813Zi-A, is a 4-Channel 13 GHz Digital Oscilloscope that has the hardware capability to capture today's high-speed signals, with up to 30 GHz bandwidth, 80 GS/s sample rate, extremely stable timebase and a 14.1 Gb/s serial trigger.

Its MAUI user interface, along with a 15.3 inch high-resolution touchscreen, flat menu structure and multi-grid displays makes the Teledyne LeCroy SDA-813Zi-A easy to configure and use.

Built to solve complex problems, the vertical, horizontal and acquisition setting changes in the LeCroy SDA-813ZI-A are made without obscuring waveform display.

Teledyne LeCroy SDA-813Zi-A - Features and Specifications:

  • 80 GS/s sample rate and bandwidth of up to 30 GHz
  • Highly advanced user interface
  • 14.1 Gb/s serial trigger making it the industry's only true hardware
  • Outstanding timebase stability
  • Low Jitter Measurement Floor
  • Serial data analysis, debug, validation and compliance tools
  • Extraordinary analysis capability through Integrated standard and custom measurements and math functions
  • Multi-lane serial data eye, jitter and crosstalk analysis
  • De-embedding, emulation, and equalization in real-time

The Teledyne LeCroy SDA-813Zi-A is available for rent or lease at TRS-RenTelco with 365-day customer support.

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  • *

    Base Model

  • **

    Base Model

  • **AORM

    Advanced Optical Recordings Measurement

  • **DDM2

    Disk Drive Measurement

  • **DMOD

    Demodulation Software Package

  • **EYEDR

    Eye Doctor (Virtual Probeand Equalizer Emulation Bundle) for WaveMaster 8 Zi Series

  • **EYEDR-EQ

    Eye Doctor Equalized Receiver Option for WaveMaster 8 Zi Series Oscilloscopes,

  • **EYEDR-VP

    Eye Doctor Virtual ProbeOption for WaveMaster 8 Zi Series Oscilloscopes,


    FB-DIMM Compliance Software Package

  • **SDAII

    SDAII Software Option - Next Generation of Serial Data Analysis

  • **SDAPCIG2

    PCI Express Gen1 and Gen2 Soft


    Spectrum Analyzer and Advanced FFT Option for WaveMaster 8 Zi Series

  • **XDEV

    Advanced Custom Pack Software

  • **XWEB

    Web Editor Package Software

  • 8B10B-BUS

    8b10b Decode Option for WavePro Zi Series Oscilloscopes

  • ARINC429

    ARINC 429 Bus Symbolic Decode Option for WavePro Zi


    Cable De-Embedding Option for WavePro Zi Series Oscilloscopes


    Bundle - Multi-Lane SDA LinQ Framewk, incl. Eye, Jitter, Noise, Xtalk Meas, w/EyeDrII & VirtualProbe


    DDR4, DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR3, DDR2, and LPDDR2 Debug ToolKit for WaveMaster 8Zi Oscilloscopes

  • DFP2

    Digital Filter SW Package


    DigRF 3G Bus Decode Option for WaveRunner 6Zi series


    QualiPHY Enabled DisplayPort Compliance Software Option

  • HDMI2

    QualiPHY Enabled HDMI 2.0 Compliance Software Option

  • **I2CBUS

    I2C Bus Trigger & Decode Option for WavePro Zi Series Oscilloscopes

  • **JTA2

    Jitter Timing and Analysis Software Package for WavePro Zi Series

  • **QPHY-UWB

    QualiPHY UWB Compliance Test Script

  • **QPHYDDR3

    QualiPHY DDR3 Compliance Test Script


    QualiPHY Ethernet Compliance Test Script.


    QualiPHY PCIe Compliance Test Script (For Gen1)


    QualiPHY SATA Compliance Test Script (Gen1 and Gen2)


    QualiPHY Compatible USB SW Option

  • **SDA-HDMI

    QualiPHY HDMI Compliance Test Software

  • **SDA-SAS

    SAS Compliant Software Package

  • **SDA-SATA


  • **SDA-UWB

    SDA MB-OFDM Test Suite

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  • Adjustment Tool

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  • Tip Rigid 0.5 mm

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  • Spring Tip 0.5 mm

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  • Insulating Cap

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  • IC Cap 0.5 mm Pitch Green

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  • IC Cap 0.65 mm Pitch Blue

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  • IC Cap 0.8 mm Pitch Gray

    Qty: 2
  • IC Cap 1.0 mm Pitch Brown

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  • IC Cap 1.27 mm Pitch Black

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  • Ground Spring 2.5 mm

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  • Ground Blade

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  • Rings Color Coded

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  • Adapter PCB

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  • Copper Pad

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  • Ground Lead

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  • Probe

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  • Cable USB2-A to Mini B

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  • Power Cord Notched Heavy Duty Right Angle

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  • Pouch

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  • Adapter LPA-K-A

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  • Mouse Optical

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  • Manual Getting Started

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  • Case Transit

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