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Teledyne LeCroy TA700-3

PCI/PCI-X Bus Analyzer
PCI/PCI-X Bus Analyzer (Supports PCI up to 66 MHz/64-bit & PCI-X up to 100 MHz. Supports 3.3V signaling environments (universal connector at bottom and 3.3V connector at top). Real-time performance and post-capture statistical analysis, hot-swap capability, advanced capture & trigger features, and protocol error detection)(Includes: PCI Analyzer, software, manual, external signal Cable, carrying case, USB interface Cable, and parallel port interface Cable; Uses power from bus or may be powered externally from the optional V700 supply. Can be upgraded at time of purchase, or in the field, to add additional functionality, including exerciser capability.
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  • Cable DB 25 - SCSI II 26

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  • Cable USB-A - USB-B 1.8 m

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  • Carrying Box Plastic

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  • CD Manuals and Software

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  • Cable TA700 External Trigger 24 Position

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