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Teseq NSG3040-04

4 kV solution for CE applications

The NSG3040-04 is a multifunctional generator system from Teseq (formerly Schaffner). The Teseq NSG3040-04 is a cutting edge piece of equipment that comes with a variety of features such as real plug-and-play technology, functional modules with integrated identification, calibration files and intelligence, highly flexible configurations with nearly any combination of modules support customized configurations for individual applications, and easy upgradeability and service among other things.

Here are some key features of the Teseq NSG 3040-04:

  • NSG 3040 - the smart 4 kV solution for CE applications
  • Modular, expandable system
  • Surge voltage to 4.4 kV
  • EFT/Burst to 4.8 kV/1 MHz
  • PQT to 16 A/260 VAC & DC
  • Easy to use 7' touchscreen color display
  • TA (Test Assistance) for rapid test resolution
  • Parameters can be changed during test
  • Wide range of optional test accessories

You can acquire the Teseq NSG3040-04 from TRS-RenTelco. If you are looking to rent or buy the NSG3040-04, request a quote today.

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INA6554, INA6556, INA6560, WIN3000
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  • INA6554

    Adapter From EUT Power Output Connector To Banana Plugs

  • INA6556

    EUT Power Input Cable With Banana Terminals

  • INA6560

    Surge Output Coax Adapter Set (Adapts Output To Banana Terminal)

  • WIN3000

    Test And Test Management Software With Test Program Library

Standard Rental Accessories*
* Leased or Buy Used product accessories will be confirmed with quote.
  • Cord Power

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  • Cable RJ45 Crossover

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  • Coax Adapter Set Surge Output (Set Of 2)

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  • Adapter EUT Power Output - 3-Banana Plugs

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  • Cable EUT Power Input with Banana Terminals

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  • Cable Kit

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  • USB Drive Software and Manuals

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