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Viavi Solutions Inc. 2510

OC-192 SONET/SDH Test Set
The smallest, lightest OC-192 test set on the market, the Acterna 2510 10-Gig Field Services Module is an all-in-one, integrated testing solution at OC-192/OC-192c and STM-64/STM-64c rates. The Acterna 2510's easy-to-use touch-screen graphical user interface simplifies and expedites testing. It can be used to maintain SONET/SDH rings and point-to-point links; provision 10-Gig signals across DWDM networks; verify end-to-end network performance by using bit error rate testing and stress test patterns; access network performance under abnormal conditions by inserting and simulating various errors and alarms; verify in-service network performance using Monitor and Through modes; perform mapping analysis for both SONET and SDH tributaries down to OC-1 and STM-0. The 2510-P1FC model has 1550 nm optics with FC connector.
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